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Mapping Out Your Seating Plan: The Quicken Loans Seat Chart

When it comes to purchasing tickets for an event, having a clear understanding of the venue’s layout and seating arrangement is crucial in ensuring a memorable experience. This is where the Quicken Loans Seat Chart comes into play, providing the ultimate guide for navigating through the seating plan for countless performances and events held at the Quicken Loans Arena.

The Quicken Loans Arena, also known as “The Q”, is a multi-purpose arena located in downtown Cleveland, Ohio. It is home to the NBA’s Cleveland Cavaliers and has hosted countless concerts, sporting events, and conferences since its opening in 1994. With a seating capacity of up to 20,562 for concerts and 19,432 for basketball games, it’s no wonder that event-goers often turn to the Quicken Loans Seat Chart for a better understanding of where they’ll be sitting.

Using the Quicken Loans Seat Chart

As soon as you purchase your tickets to an event held at The Q, you’ll want to look at the Quicken Loans Seat Chart. This interactive seating chart allows users to view the arena from different perspectives, including a 3D view and a seating map with detailed seating information for each section.

When you arrive at the Quicken Loans Arena, you’ll find the seating sections conveniently labeled and color-coded, making it easier to locate your seat. The seating sections are broken down into four sections: Floor, Lower, Club/Suite, and Upper. Within each section, there are multiple levels of seating, each with their own distinct qualities and amenities.

Floor Seats

For many events, the center of the arena is transformed into a spacious and open seating area, perfect for bringing event-goers as close to the action as possible. Floor seats are highly coveted and provide spectators with a prime view of the performance or game. However, because of their proximity to the center stage or court, these seats often come with a higher price tag.

Lower Level Seats

The Lower Level seating at The Q is divided into three sections: Lower Bowl A, Lower Bowl B, and Baseline. These seats are located directly above floor level and provide event-goers with an excellent view from a bit further back than the floor seats. Lower Level seating is also broken down into subsections that correspond to each seating row. This information is helpful for individuals who are looking to purchase tickets near an aisle or want to have specific amenities nearby, such as food and beverage stands.

Club/Suite Level Seats

The Club/Suite Level seating at the Quicken Loans Arena is ideal for those looking for a more luxurious experience. It provides visitors with private suites, club seating areas, and special amenities such as VIP parking, catering packages, and access to exclusive lounges. The Club/Suite Level seats are incredibly popular with corporate clients looking to entertain important guests or clients, and with those looking for a unique and elevated experience.

Upper Level Seats

The Upper Level seating at The Q is situated above the Lower Level seats and comprises the vast majority of the arena’s seating capacity. However, just because these seats are higher up doesn’t mean they provide inferior views. The Upper Level seats are designed to provide spectators with a bird’s eye view of the action, making them especially ideal for larger events where the stage or court is visible from multiple angles.


The Quicken Loans Seat Chart is an essential tool for anyone looking to purchase tickets to an event held at the Quicken Loans Arena. With its detailed information about the various seating sections, event-goers can make informed decisions about which seats best suit their needs and budget. Whether you’re looking to score floor seats for the next Cavs game, a private suite for a corporate event, or simply trying to navigate the Upper Level seating, the Quicken Loans Seat Chart has got you covered.

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