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Cash Machine Daily Limit – What You Need to Know

When it comes to using cash machines, commonly referred to as ATMs, it is important to understand the daily limit. This is the maximum amount you can withdraw from an ATM each day. The limit varies depending on the bank and account type, but it is essential to know the limit to avoid disappointment and unexpected charges.

Why is there a cash machine daily limit?

The daily limit aims to protect both the bank and the customer from fraudulent activities. The limit helps to ensure that if your card is lost or stolen, the thief has restricted access to your account funds, thus reducing your loss. Additionally, it reduces the risk of the bank from incurring significant losses if for any reason, your account is compromised.

What is the typical cash machine daily limit?

The daily limit varies depending on the bank and account type. However, most banks offer a daily limit of between £300 and £500 for standard accounts. Those with premium accounts normally benefit from higher limits, with some going up to £10,000 for the wealthiest clients.

How to check your daily limit

If you are unsure of your daily limit, it is easy to check. You can do this through your online banking portal or by contacting your bank. Contacting your bank via phone may be faster, and it’s much easier as well.

What happens when you reach your daily limit?

Once you reach your daily limit, you will not be able to withdraw any further funds, and the machine will inform you of this. Attempting to withdraw more than the daily limit could result in an overdraft fee, which can be costly. Make sure to understand your limit and plan your transactions accordingly.

How to increase your daily limit

It can be frustrating to reach your daily limit, especially when you have planned your transactions around it. Fortunately, some banks offer the option to increase your daily limit on a temporary or permanent basis. Typically, this is done by visiting a branch or through your online banking portal. Ensure you have a plan for your increased limit, so you do not risk overspending or exceeding your budget.

Common mistakes to avoid with daily limits

One of the common mistakes people make with daily limits is forgetting about it altogether. They may try to withdraw a larger sum than the daily limit, which can result in extra charges for an overdraft or penalty fees. Another common mistake is using a non-network ATM that has higher transaction fees without co-inspecting the daily limits at the machine. By doing this, you could find yourself hit with two charges, one from your bank and the other from the machine operator. It is necessary to be aware of these limitations, know your daily limit and plan your transactions accordingly.


Understanding your cash machine daily limit is crucial as it ensures you don’t overspend, helps you save money, and enhances security. Ensure you check your limit and plan your transactions accordingly. If necessary, consider increasing the limit, but have a plan to avoid overspending. Avoid making common mistakes and be conscious of additional fees and charges from both bank and machine operators.

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